Bailey Law Firm offers legal representation for your business and personal needs. Our philosophy is that sound legal advice requires a thorough understanding of your objectives and goals. Our ambition is to address your current matters so that we earn your trust and confidence to forge an enduring relationship. For us, it’s personal.

Applying law to complex problems is often not simple. We take the time to listen and to explain so that you are armed with the knowledge to make the best decision possible.

Our energetic and award winning team offers a refreshing approach to legal issues as well as the assurance that we will still be here for our clients thirty years from now. We are a boutique firm whose focus is on Integrity, Advocacy and Understanding. In short, we seek to be an integral part of your success.

Jess Bailey

Managing Attorney

Jess Bailey

Jess is the Managing Attorney of the Bailey Law Firm. Jess focuses her practice on general business, real estate, and transactional law, as well as finance-specific compliance and transactional matters. Her representation has covered transactions in a variety of banking and securities projects, from straightforward loan agreements to securitization of indebtedness and complicated compliance and regulatory matters.

Having previously worked in real estate, mortgage and property management, banking, finance, and environmental consulting, Jess developed an extensive experience with a diversity of contracts and negotiations, most of which businesses encounter on a daily basis. This experience also provided her a greater insight into the many operational issues that companies face every day.

Jess has built a reputation for being an informative, knowledgeable, charismatic and passionate counsel. She understands the real world challenges and pragmatic decisions facing the financial industry. Irrespective of the project Jess works on, she considers all factors that may affect the business, both positively and negatively, and ensures that any work product that Bailey Law Firm sends out to clients exceeds client’s highest expectations.

Jess holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Minor in Biology from University of Missouri in St. Louis and a dual Master of Science from Nova Southeastern University in Coastal Zone Management and Marine Environmental Science. Jess’s law degree was awarded by South Texas College of Law in Houston. Extensive educational and professional background helps Jess meet the most diverse needs of the Firm’s clients and prepare documents that meet the highest standards of administrative and regulatory bodies, both state and federal.

Jessica Dvorak 

JessicaMarketing Director

Jessica joined Bailey Law Firm in 2014, bringing with her extensive experience in graphic design, advertising, client service and office administration. Dedicated and meticulous, Jessica expertly handles all manner of social media, presentations, print media, visual communication and event planning. She also stays on top of all communications being processed throughout the firm; increasing the organization of the firm and streamlining all data using up to date technologies.

With both an educational and professional background in marketing and graphic design, Jessica developed and is maintaining the firm’s website whose goal is to inform visitors of our practice and serve as a tool to help you successfully navigate through the complexities of the legal system.