Bailey Law Firm Knowledge Center is designed to educate both prospective and current clients regarding a variety of legal topics – from Estate Planning concerns to real estate matters. The more informed a client is with regard to laws and decisions relevant to their case, the better prepared they are for their consultation with a Bailey Law Firm attorney.

This knowledge base is intended only as a resource for researching the specifics of laws and does not constitute legal advice. When you are ready to discuss your project in more detail, please contact us.

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Contracts & Negotiations

Estate Planning

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Buyers Workflow *Coming Soon*
  • Cash Out, Stay In *Coming Soon*
  • Divestitures *Coming Soon*
  • Due Diligence *Coming Soon*
  • ESOP *Coming Soon*
  • M&A for Buyers *Coming Soon*
  • M&A for Sellers *Coming Soon*
  • Management Buyouts *Coming Soon*
  • Sellers Workflow *Coming Soon*

Real Estate

  • Are You Ready to be a Landlord? *Coming Soon*
  • CMBS Loan Overview *Coming Soon*
  • Real Estate Title – Individual vs Entity *Coming Soon*
  • Value Added in a Real Estate Transaction *Coming Soon*

International Law

Useful Websites

Legal Research

Organizations and Governmental Agencies