Leaving a Legacy or Chaos? The Passing of Aretha Franklin & Other Celebs

Recent court filings relating to the recent death of legendary soul musician Aretha Franklin have revealed that she died without having written a will. This occurred in spite of having a multi-million dollar estate and having been urged by those close to her to write a will for years. Unfortunately, this is not a rare… Read More

An Inventory of Assets is Essential to your Estate Plan

We all have mountains of paperwork we file away each month: bills, retirement account statements, investment statements, life insurance policy value updates. Some of us now also have many accounts online which require passwords and usernames for access instead of paper statements. When someone passes away, finding all the accounts, insurance policies, and necessary information… Read More

Plan To Leave A Legacy

“Leaving a legacy” can mean many different things.  A legacy can be your reputation. People often refer to the legacy a president will leave. A president’s legacy would be something he has done for which he will be remembered. We will all leave legacies like this and hopefully we have made choices in our lives… Read More