Pet Trusts

Your pet may be your best friend or your most loyal companion who gives you unconditional love, but when you die, your pet is considered property just like your china or your pots and pans.  You cannot leave money to your pet and you should name a guardian for your pet if you want him… Read More

An Inventory of Assets is Essential to your Estate Plan

We all have mountains of paperwork we file away each month: bills, retirement account statements, investment statements, life insurance policy value updates. Some of us now also have many accounts online which require passwords and usernames for access instead of paper statements. When someone passes away, finding all the accounts, insurance policies, and necessary information… Read More

Plan To Leave A Legacy

“Leaving a legacy” can mean many different things.  A legacy can be your reputation. People often refer to the legacy a president will leave. A president’s legacy would be something he has done for which he will be remembered. We will all leave legacies like this and hopefully we have made choices in our lives… Read More

Can’t We All Get Along? The Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Businesses are increasingly turning to alternative dispute resolution, or ADR, to settle conflicts with vendors, clients, employees, and even business partners. The upside of ADR is that it avoids the time and expense of litigation; in addition, it often allows the two sides to work together to craft a workable solution. Because many contracts now… Read More