The Difference between Financial Planners and Estate Planning Attorneys

People often confuse the roles that financial planners and attorneys hold in the estate planning process. Each has distinct duties and a different set of responsibilities within the estate planning process. While financial planners can be useful when creating an estate plan, only an estate planning attorney can draft the actual estate planning documents that… Read More

The Importance of Policies & Procedures

A healthy and well-defined employer-employee relationship is an essential part of the successful operation of any business. It is important to ensure that the rights and responsibilities within this relationship are understood and agreed upon. A set of policies and procedures that define and enforce this relationship will not only avoid conflict and provide for… Read More

Unique Considerations In Medical Real Estate Leasing

Every lease is unique, but there are some leases that contain more non-standard provisions than others. While most generic office leases are fairly similar, for example, leases in other fields may have less in common. These differences require an attorney with a specific knowledge of that field. Medical leasing is one of these highly divergent… Read More

How Can Divorce Affect Your Business?

In the absence of any prior arrangements, a business created during a marriage is considered joint property of the couple in Texas. Because of this and in almost all cases, both spouses will have some amount of ownership rights in a business owned by both or either spouse. A business started during the marriage will… Read More